Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ladies!!! if you dude aint acting right you tell that dude HE GOTTA GO - the pussycat dolls, now if they can get it right why cant we sort our shit out and get summin right too! why do we wanna change the bad boy, push the sweet guy till he flips and get with guys who already have girlfriends like it makes a point that were better than they are - it doesnt make that point at all hence why you will just be a cheap fuck and she'll be his girlfriend... sorry girls but its true, ive seen it happen so many times and maybe experienced it once or twice from both sides. We are mammals this much is true but were also intelligent enough to understand when something worth pushing for or not but we let emotions get in the way of rational thought and we end up doing things that if we could see ourselves doing we would cringe. Pride comes before a fall and all too often relationships become so engulfed by pride that its the only thing standing between us and real happiness, we dont own anyone, you might have a boyfriend or girlfriend and if they stray you get mad cuz someone slept with YOUR partner but you gotta remember, theyre not YOUR partner, their there own person and you cant own someone like an object and get mad as if someone stole your phone or bed or whatever. People have thoughts and feelings of their own and sometimes is just best to swallow your pride, hold your head up high and laugh at the world that tried to piss you off cuz your so much better than what it can throw at you. Giving up on someone doesnt mean your weak or youve failed, it means your clever enough and strong enough to have realised theyre not worth it and its not working.